Topic Name Description
The Interaction of Climate Change and Biodiversity URL Video: What is biodiversity?

This video explains what biodiversity is about focusing on its diferent components and how to protect biological diversity.


Book Introduction to the Link of Biodiversity and Climate Change

Biodiversity and Carbon Storage Capacities of Ecosystems

URL Video: What is the carbon cycle?

This video describes visuallly how carbon is naturally stored by ecosystems and why this natural cycle is changing throughout the last 150 years.


URL Video: What are carbon sinks?

The following video explains what carbon sinks are and how they are working.


Gender and Biodiversity Book Why Biodiversity and Gender is interconnected
Book Infographics: Agriculture, Forestry & Fishing
Gender-responsive biodiversity conservation policies on international level Book Get to know about gender-responsive biodiversity policies
Mainstreaming Gender into National Biodiversity Strategies and Action Plans (NBSAPs) Book Learn how gender is or can be mainstreamed into NBSAPs
Book Case Study: Sustainable Wildlife Management

The attached info sheet illustrates a gender-responsive biodiversity conservation action which has been realized in recent years.

It focusses on sustainable wildlife management mainly in countries of the global south.

Read the info sheet carefully and answer the questions from the quiz.