Topic outline

  • General

    Gender and Climate Change Analysis

    GenderCCYou want to learn how to find out if and how women, men and the gender relations are impacted by a particular policy measure or implementation project? Then you are in the right course.

    Generally, it is important to go beyond stating the disdvantages of women. Instead, we need to address gendered power relations and the possibilities in changing gendered roles and responsibilities.
  • Gender and Climate Change Analysis Tools

    GenderCCHow to screen the general climate policy in a specific country regarding its impacts on gender?

    How to analyse gender aspects in a particular issues related to climate change?

    How to bring women’s voices into the climate change policy planning?
  • Experiences and best practice

    GenderCCWhich instruments to use in which situation?

    There is no tool that fits to all: How to adapt the tools to particular environments/situations?

    Here we ask for your contribution: experiences, ideas, questions