Topic outline

  • Introduction to Gender within the UNFCCC Process

    The powerpoint and articles contain information to theĀ  history and role of Gender within the UNFCCC process. Anyone interested or unfamiliar with Gender and UN climate negotiations will find some background information that helps to gain an overview over the advancement of Gender within the UN process.

  • Training Material by GenderCC

    This compilation of articles by GenderCC members focuses on efforts to integrate gender into national climate policy. It is primarily meant for people who have already been working on gender and climate change, for instance in the international context, and wish to advocate for gender-sensitive adaptation and mitigation at national level. What strategies and actions were undertaken by other activists in different world regions and countries? What approaches have been successful? How could decision makers be influenced? What was actually implemented? What kind of work was done at the grass-root level? And what were the impacts of these efforts?

  • Training material by Center for Global Change

    This toolkit, developed by GenderCC's partner the Center for Global Change (Bangladesh), is a toolkit for practitioners working on gender and climate change adaptation.

  • Gender mainstreaming into energy and climate change community based adaptation projects in the Pacific