Share your views:You are working in adaptation and would like to raise awareness of the importance of gender in adaptation. What are strategic entry points?

"Without a struggle there can be no progress?"

"Without a struggle there can be no progress?"

by Secretariat GenderCC -
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Our partners in Bangaldesh are making great headway in engaging at the national level, gaining interest and acceptance of parliamentarians for the need to gender sensitive adaptation. In other cases, the reaction may be "not relevant" and "why bother" and gender concerns again become a side issue.

Why do make progress in some instances and in other cases fall on deaf ears? What works and what doesn't? Why?

We should keep in mind that "without a struggle there can be no progress" and if we do not encounter any resistance we may not change the status quo.

Please share your experience on the success or failure of engaging with governments and local authorities. What is a good strategy to gain their approval and support?