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I agree with Ana. Any "Development" should bring about good and positive changes to both women and men, improve their social and economic well being.  As Todaro & Smith (2011:21) stated that the three core values of development are 1) Sustenance (providing basic needs like food, clean water, sanitation, housing, clothing and shelter); 2) Self-esteem (dignity, integrity and self-determination and 3) Freedom (range of choices for society or individual). When we look at Gender Sensitivity in Low Carbon Development it is important that any development in this case low carbon technology should benefit the members of community, improve their standard of living that is able to access to clean water (use of solar water pumps), women are able to access clean energy sources ( energy efficient stoves) this reduce their exposure to high health hazards, empowers men and women to use LCD technologies to generate or stimulate more economic activity within their communities/families, and the opportunity to choose which LCD technology will benefit them and work for them to improve their living and is sustianable.