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Criterion three

Criterion three

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I see two different discussions merged in this para: the realization that this planet has finite natural resources; the need to find a development path which ensures income re-distribution or at least equitable access to these resources (given that the wording is very much on income levels and does not address access to or control over natural resources, in the current writing of the text).

I appreciate the fact that even less intensive technologies (based on renewables or efficiency) have impacts on the environment. And that can be your starting point for this criteria. However, such a statement could be followed by a second one calling for the need to concentrate then on more beningn (or less carbon intensive) technologies, in order to preserve the finite resources of this planet.

Personally, I would refrain from allocating blame to countries who've exceeded their limits in this paragraph, given that this is a discussion on criteria to by applied to specific situations. My recommendation would be to move statements like those to a different section, i.e. background or context to the discussions.