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Multi-level approaches, involving government at different levels

Multi-level approaches, involving government at different levels

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  • combine low carbon and climate policy at national and international level, cross sectoral approach

LCD strategies require multi-level approaches, i.e. they are not only about policies of national governments, but ought to involve regional and local governments, as these are in charge of spatial planning, urban development and design, and transport, energy, water and sanitation infrastructures that are decisive for carbon intensity and also resilience. Multi-level approaches and arrangements, providing guidance and incentives to local and regional authorities to contribute to low carbon development are therefore not an add-on, but an essential element of national and international climate policy. Moreover, in many countries, chances for gender balanced decision-making are somewhat better than at national levels, and thus chances to respond to the needs of citizens.

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Am finding in my work on gender and energy planning that women prefer to have planning happen at a local level if possible, because it is easier for them to access. They often find centralized national planning to be abstruse and divorced from their reality. In the same vein, when planners are obliged to deal with the complexities of life at the local level, it often changes the way they plan - they are obliged to put the people before the plan instead of the other way round as so often happens with high level processes.