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What does adaptation actually mean?

We are constantly hearing the call for adaptation. But the way it has been defined by the UNFCCC may differ to what we experience on the ground or what we as practitioners understand when working in communities and specific national contexts.

How can we move away from the system-centred idea of ...


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Gender Sensitive Adaptation: different levels of engagement Share your views:You are working in adaptation and would like to raise awareness of the importance of gender in adaptation. What are strategic entry points?

a)      ...when working with local authorities/government

b)     ...when working with local NGOs

c)     ...when working with local communities?

Methods for gender-sensitive adaptation Share your experiences on methods: What methods have you successfully used for gender-sensitive adaptation measures?

 What problems did you encounter?  What lessons did you learn?

Policy Design Share your views and experiences: What is your experience with adaptation policies regarding gender?

Do you have examples of gender-sensitive adaptation policies from your country other practitioners can learn from? How can we make sure that policies do not reinforce existing gender roles and inequalities?

What strategies do we have in influencing policy processes so that gender forms in ...

Project Design Share your views: what is your experience with gender sensitive adaptation projects?

What is most important when designing gender-sensitive projects?

What kind of tools are available other practitioners could resort to in order to design gender-sensitive adaptation projects?

How can we make sure that projects meet the adaptation and development needs of local communities ...

Project Implementation Share your view: how can we make sure that both men and women as stakeholders are effectively consulted – which tools are best suited for this?

How can we make sure that the project implementation does not reinforce existing gender roles and gender inequalities?

How can we make sure that existing and traditional knowledge is adequately incorporated?

Monitoring (MRV) Share your views: How do you effectively monitor adaptation projects?

What is the best practice for MRV? How do you integrate it into the project design?

What are the advantages or disadvantages when the evaluation is done by an external consultant at the end?

What are the advantages or disadvantages when integrating the evaluation into the project?

What is your...

Global Policy Process Share your views: has your country submitted NAPs to the UNFCCC or developed separate adaptation plans or strategies? If so, how does gender feature in these papers?

How can we make sure gender shape the national debate on adaptation and feed into the global policy process? What are (strategic) entry points?

How can we effectively make use of the global policy arena and the decisions taken to advance gender in our national context?

What do you think are the...

Share your views: Climate Finance and Adaptation. What is your experience regarding funding?


What are positive examples of how to receive funding for local, grassroots level projects?

How can we best gain funding for gender sensitive adapation projects?

What are possible avenues to follow, actors to invlove, procedures to pay attention to?