Share your views and experiences: What is your experience with adaptation policies regarding gender?

Do you have examples of gender-sensitive adaptation policies from your country other practitioners can learn from? How can we make sure that policies do not reinforce existing gender roles and inequalities?

What strategies do we have in influencing policy processes so that gender forms in integral part so that in the future gender reviews become obsolete?

What practical steps should be taken so that national adaptation policies are gender-responsive?

Are there useful tools for for ensuring that adaptation policies have gender equality at their heart?

Adaptation in Arab countries

by Secretariat GenderCC -

I found this report on adaptation in the Arab region. It my be interesting to those working in other regions.

One chapter of the report "Adaptation to a Changing Climate in the Arab Countries. A Case for Adaptation Governance and Leadership in Building Climate Resilience", edited by Dorte Verner and published by the World Bank addresses the need to develop gender-responsive adaptation policies and provides case studies from four Arab countries (Yemen, Morocco, Syria and Jordan).


The whole report can be found here: