Welcome to GenderCC's Global Learning Platform

The intention of the Global Learning Platform is to provide an interactive knowledge platform for the environment, climate change and gender community. The aim is to interact with each other, share knowledge, learn from each other's work and together develop and strengthen capacities to tackle climate change in a gender sensitive manner. Topics include adaptation, mitigation, gender and climate change analysis tool.

The Global Learning Platform is a work in progress, different topics will be added over time and existing ones will grow in scope and depth. In order to become as comprehensive as possible, it needs your expertise, input and contributions. The more people use it and the more people contribute the more useful it becomes!

There are three ways to contribute

  1. As a guest use the information provided and give feed back
  2. Become part of the learning platform as a participant in one or more modules or become a facilitator for a particular topic
  3. Outreach: Distribute information about the GLP to others

Access the platform as a guest means that you can read only. Please type GenderCC13 for the password.

If you are participant, you can ask your questions in the fora, contribute to discussions, upload files or give your input regarding literature or definitions. Please register to become a participant by 'creating a new account' just below the login. You will receive an email with further instructions.

The role of a facilitator is to stimulate discussions, provide expertise or design a new section. Please contact us (secretariat[at]gendercc.net) if you are interested in becoming a facilitator for a particular topic or would like to suggest a new one.